Now, where do I start?
  • 23 Aug 2023
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Now, where do I start?

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Article Summary

If this is your first time tackling user engagement, you've come to the right place.

We have a ton of old school clients that had no idea where to start. But they've all made a successful transition to a dynamic, customer experience-oriented company – comfortably outperforming industry benchmarks.

Our guide on how to achieve your different objectives can help to get you up and running. From there, you have two main ways you can approach user engagement:

  1. Start with engagement. Build a campaign or a few campaigns a week to see how your users respond, then react to the results. This allows you to start small and measure the direct impact of your work. After around a year of experimentation, most companies working with create a dedicated role for a Customer Journey Manager or Engagement Marketing Manager to build out a more long-term strategy.
  2. Start with a plan. Set up a brainstorm to come up with a clear and concise plan for segments of the user journey that you want to advance. Focus your ideas around the biggest pain points in the company, then roll out sequences that will have a direct impact.

But remember, you can always change things on the fly. There's nothing stopping you from running a sales campaign today, then a bunch of feature adoption campaigns next week. It's all about getting to know your users, learning what works, and optimizing your campaigns for maximum performance.

How to build a gameplan

Here's our four-step approach to help build out your gameplan:

  1. Arrange a company off-site with your leadership team
  2. Focus the off-site on understanding and defining your main objectives as a business
  3. Introduce the idea of engagement and how it works
  4. Run a strategy brainstorm

What are the biggest support tickets that I have? Do I have enough information to create an easy solution for the problem? What would be the approach? These are all the questions you should be asking during your brainstorming session.

By the end, you should have a list of objectives, approaches, and collectable data points. You should also aim to create a user journey flow diagram to illustrate how and where you'll be solving their pain points.

For more tips on getting started, check out our preflight checklist.