Nexxt - Boost sales with user behavior and social media
  • 14 Mar 2023
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Nexxt - Boost sales with user behavior and social media

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Article Summary

Written by: Ana Maria Buendia, Data Scientist @ Accvent

Nexxt is a consumer electronics company that specializes in cameras, lighting, and other smart devices. Here, we'll look at how our team uses to boost sales.

It all starts with understanding the needs and behavior of our users. The platform gives us valuable insights about where they are in the world, what they're doing with our products, and how they use our app.

This has created some great opportunities for growing social engagement and – more importantly – sales.

Winning 100 new Instagram users in 24 hours

We performed a demographic analysis of our active users in This revealed a mismatch between the locations of our product users and social media audience, suggesting that only a handful of our customers were following us on Instagram and Facebook.

To increase the brand awareness of our product users, we decided to run an In-App Message campaign asking users a simple question. This then linked through to an Instagram Story.

In just 24 hours, this activity grew our Instagram audience by over 100 users.

Boosting monthly subscription sales by 25%

When it comes to lifetime value (LTV), subscriptions are an essential revenue stream for any consumer electronics company.

With, we identified all the users who:

  • Do not have an active cloud subscription.
  • Have not seen any of our active subscription campaigns.

We then imported this audience into Instagram and Facebook to create a targeted remarketing campaign. The result: a subscription sales boost of 25% for the month.

Increasing email sales from 7 to 173 units

Last but not least, has helped us to improve the open rate and effectiveness of our email channel – all by optimizing the tone and design of our campaigns.

We tested a variety of options during the "Black Days" season in Mexico and Guatemala, where we also wanted to test it with Nexxt Connectivity products.

In Mexico, we saw sales increase from 7 units before the campaign to a massive 173 units afterward.